Environmentally Friendly Serivces

Organic Lawn Care

Taking care of your lawn without using pesticides can be challenging at first. However, once you and your lawn adapt to these changes it can prove to be beneficial to your property by:

  • Keeping your landscape safe for your children and pets.
  • Creating a safe environment for wildlife.
  • Growing a lawn that does not rely on chemicals to keep it healthy.

Native Plantings

Planting natives can be a favorable practice to both your landscape and to the many habitats that it supports. Once these plants take root in there native environment, the require very little maintenance. This helps you to save water, time and keep your property chemical free. They also allow your landscape to grow and appear naturally as the region you live in. Check out specific native plantings for our area at Edge of the Woods Native Plants.

Permeable Pavers

Installing permeable pavers will help your local water systems in more than one way. When you install your standard pavers, you put a pitch on them so the water will run away from your property and into a desired location. Permeable pavers are self draining paving systems. This helps to restore our water table and prevent more runoff. The more runoff we have, the risk of flooding and polluting our streams increases drastically. Although these applications can be more expensive to install, the long term effects will out weigh the initial cost. Additionally in some areas you may qualify for a tax break by installing one of these systems.